Privacy Policy

By visiting you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is intended to provide visitors with an overview of what information we collect and how we use that information.

Collected Information

We collect visitors information in two ways. First, information is voluntarily provided by visitors. This information includes emails, messages, other communications, and, when available, site registration.

The second type of information that we collect from visitors are automatically generated server log files. These files contain a range of user information that is used for visitor tracking and site security. Data that we log includes visitors' internet protocol (IP) addresses, pages that visitors view, the amount of time spent on each page, visitor interaction with pages, geographic location, computer operating system, web browsing software, and other metrics that are logged by our webserver.

The third type of data is javascript and image based tracking data, which includes which pages were visited. Our visitor tracking automatically anonymizes visitors IP addresses, by masking the last eight bytes. We also honor do not track requests. Visitors can also change their tracking preferences here:

How We Use Information

Information that is voluntarily provided by visitors is used for routine communication and enabling visitors to engage with one another and the website. Tracking information is used to make decisions about website growth and development, as visitor tracking provides insight into which resources or services visitors prefer. Tracking also allows us to develop content that is compatible with visitors' computers. Log files are reviewed to ensure the site is performing as expected and also in the event of a suspected security breach.

How We Protect Visitor Privacy

We don't sell any of our visitors information to any third party. However, visitor information may be released at anytime based on the discretion of the site's owners. For example, visitor information may be released for the following purposes:

  • In response to valid subpoenas and search warrants issued from a jurisdiction within the United States. As we are located in the United States, we do not respond to requests for information issued by non-U.S. governments, unless they are served through agencies within the United States.
  • As otherwise required by law.
  • To aid in investigating website security breaches or violations of our terms of use.
  • Aggregate visitor information may be used for advertising or marketing.

Information Security

Visitor information is secured during transit as our web server automatically routs all visitors to an encrypted (SSL) connection to our server. Information stored on our servers is protected by multiple software solutions including firewalls and user access restrictions. All of our servers use whole disk encryption, so users data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Server access, including access to our visitor tracking data, is restricted to authorized users. Our servers run on high availability (100% uptime) hardware located in secure sites with restricted physical access.

Geographic Location

Our primary servers are located near Chicago, IL. We store server backups at other locations within the United States.

External Websites

This site contains links to websites that are independently owned and operated. We do not review tracking and privacy policies for these sites, and we are in no way responsible for the content and administration of external sites. Follow links to external sites at your own risk. We encourage visitors to review the privacy policies for external sites.

Policy Changes

As we continue to grow and develop, so will our policies. Current policies will be posted to this web address.


Browsing the web carries inherent risk of data theft or mismanagement. While we take precautions to responsibly manage visitor data, we cannot guarantee visitor data will be kept private. If the United States government, healthcare providers, and major political parties can't keep intruders out of their servers, we certainly can't guarantee they will stay out of ours. Thus, visitors agree they will not hold the site owners and/or operators liable for data theft or mismanagement and, by visiting this site, they agree that they will not bring any civil action against the site owners in the event of a data breach.

Correcting or Removing Data

Visitors may contact J. Scott Branson via email to request that data be corrected, data be deleted, or to report potential violations of this policy.