Counseling.Education is owned by Scott and Ashley Branson. We began developing content in 2015, and we launched and pilot tested an initial version of the site later that year.

Our mission: is to expand access to top quality mental health care by providing a freely accessible digital space with curated, organized, and recursively connected CACREP-aligned content that supports current and future professional counselors' cognitive complexity development and knowledge acquisition.

Our vision: is for counselors and clients to construct a world where everyone has more wellness, satisfaction, meaning, purpose, awareness, empathy, and connectedness.

Our beliefs:

  • Learning and developing is inherently empowering, and knowledge cannot be individually owned. We believe that instructional resources belong in the public domain.
  • Teaching students how to learn is foundational to producing competent, ethical professional counselors who are lifelong learners. Technology can provide access to knowledge and information that support cognitive complexity development.
  • Online education is a tool that can enable rich face to face interaction. Teaching students to acquire knowledge outside of class allows instructors to use class time to challenge students to apply, critique, and synthesize what they are learning.
  • Cognitively complex counselors are likely more capable of providing individually tailored, culturally aware counseling.
  • Clients who develop increased awareness of self and others through the counseling relationship are likely to spread mental wellness to others.

Looking Ahead

We are still in our infancy, so to speak, which makes it difficult to predict the future. The next steps we are planning to take with Counseling.Education include incorporating as a non-profit, which will provide a strong foundation for growth, while allowing us to stay true to our mission.

Additionally, we plan to update our website to a more advanced web framework that will allow for more accessible and up to date site maps, navigation menus, and other features.

J. Scott Branson's portrait

J. Scott Branson, Ph.D., LPC

Dr. Scott Branson is a Licensed Professional Counselor (MI) and an Assistant Professor in the Counselor Education program in the College of Education at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Branson graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision (CACREP accredited) and a doctoral minor in applied statistics and research methods in July 2016.

Dr. Branson has also earned a M.A. in clinical counseling with an emphasis in couples and family counseling from the University of Northern Colorado (CACREP accredited) in 2011. Visit to learn more about Dr. Scott Branson.

	Nichole Branson's portrait

Ashley Branson, Ph.D., NCC

Dr. Ashley Branson has earned a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision with a doctoral minor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods from The University of Northern Colorado (CACREP accredited). Dr. Branson is excited to be teaching as an assistant professor in the Counseling department at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Ashley Branson, visit her professional website at