Narrative Techniques

Naming the Problem & Exploring the Problem's Effects

In this video Dr. Bitter works with a family experiencing oppression towards lesbian couples within the context of an evangelical church that their son has recently started attending with his friend. In the following excerpt Dr. Bitter demonstrates narrative therapy techniques including: naming the problem (fear) and exploring the effects of the problem (the way that fear recruits each family member against their better judgement and negatively influences their relationships with one another).

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Discovering Unique Outcomes & Creating Counterplots

In this video graduate students in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University Texas at Austin role play a counseling session in which they demonstrate several narrative therapy techniques including: externalizing/naming the problem, deconstructing the dominant story, discovering unique outcomes, and creating counterplots.

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Encouraging Thick Descriptions

Facilitating a Both And Perspective

Promoting Social Connections