Implementing Consultation Techniques & Interventions

At this point in the consultation process you will have executed a signed consultation contract, which is used to focus your consultation assessment. Your assessment is then used to build your conceptualization, and your conceptualization determines what interventions and techniques you will actually use with your consultee(s). When selecting techniques and interventions, consider the extent to which each technique or intervention will help you to meet the goals that you outlined in your conceptualization. Also, consider how the technique or intervention will impact the consultee if it is implemented at a different level, for example the individual level, the small group level, the organization-wide level, the community level, the state level, or even the national or international levels.

Locating Techniques & Interventions

There are a vast range of techniques and interventions that can be applied at the individual, group, and organization levels. Skillful consultants are knowledgable and are able to engage in research to determine what techniques and interventions are most likely to be successful for a given consultee at a particular point in time.

Sources for Techniques & Interventions

  1. Foundational counseling skills
  2. Techniques associated with counseling theories
  3. Counseling and psychotherapy journals